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Social media is a full-time job but is crucial to grow your company. Rest easy knowing it’s being taken care of in the background.

With our social media packages, you will...

Be Consistent

Every month, you'll have new social media designs to share to your platforms that way keeping top of mind to your customers.

Save time

Social media is a full-time job. Let us handle this side of your business so you can focus on other things.


Our social media designs are high quality aimed to help you gain more followers, impress viewers while appearing professional.

Increase revenue

Have you ever faced slow periods in your business? Posting regularly can prevent these revenue gaps in your business from occurring.

How it works. Social media first starts with planning and research to determine content. After, we'll design the posts and submit them to you for revisions.

1. Submit Content

Submit all your content by the monthly deadline in your Google Drive folder.

2. Designed with care

Posts are available within 10 business days. We'll add them to your Google Drive folder for your to review. Don't have enough content? No problem, we'll create it.

3. Post & Grow

Once complete, we have everything set up on your social media calendar so you know when to post each month.

STEP 1: Content Planning

We'll research and plan content for your right audience. If you have your own content you'd like us to design, submit it by the monthly deadline or we can create it for you.

STEP 2: Design

Every month, you'll have new social media designs to share to your platforms.

Social media packages

All plans require a 6 month commitment.

Regular Posts:
7 per month
9 per month
12 per month
Carousel Posts:
2 per month
3 per month
4 per month
Story Posts:
4 per month
7 per month
Vertical Video
1 video
2 videos
2 rounds
3 rounds
5 rounds
Team Meetings:
1 per month
1 per month
2 per month
Stock Photography:
Hashtag Research:
12 Business Days
10 Business Days
10 Business Days
Account Management:
Monthly Report:


We can also provide banner designs, post templates, Instagram highlights among other designs separately. If you require profile set up there is a $180 set-up fee.

What they say...

Every month, you will be billed for the month ahead. You will also submit all your content for the month by this day. For example, if your monthly bill is on June 11th, you will receive a invoice email plus reminder to send the content due that day. You will be required to submit your content by June 11th.

Note: Monthly payments require a credit card to be kept on file for automatic billing each month.

That’s fine! We can create content if you’re missing anything. Our content ideas are based on strategy, research and knowledge of social media platforms.

We usually start working on the post designs as soon as your anniversary begins. We may allow a few days grace here but if too much time has passed, this means we’ve already started the design process. However, you can always include it for next month’s content.

Yes, you may change plans after the 6 month minimum commitment, after you may renew for 6 months or 12 month plan. Annual plans receive a discount.

A revision process can include changes to colour, images, layouts, edits to text, copywriting and more.

After the 6 month plan, you may cancel or choose to renew your plan to 6 or 12 months. Longer commitment plans receive a discount.

The meetings are used to provide strategy, clarify content, brainstorm ideas or go over revisions if needed.

Let’s get you set up on a basic branding styleguide to start which includes your fonts and colours and moodboard. If you also require logo design, we can do that too. Check our brand identity packages here.

Posting on your behalf, responding to requests, messages, comments and engaging with target audience.

ebook: Boost Your Instagram Game

This 60-page eBook is jam-packed with tutorials, diagrams, insights and information on using Instagram


Which Social Media Channel Should I Use?

How to choose the right social media platform for you can be tricky. You need to understand the different platforms, their uses as well as your target audience, your business goals.

Find out which platform is the best fit for you. 

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