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Alzati Wealth Strategies


Francesca Rea, CFP® is a certified financial planner. She required a new website for her private practice and a way to start generating leads through email marketing. We launched her new site with her eBook: Your Mind You Money; which helps people to identify potentially harmful money behaviors while learning strategies to develop healthier money mindsets. 

In addition, we got Francesca up and running consistently with her social media including Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn monthly social media design. Since working together, her followers have increased 2x, her feed appears professional and she is seen as a go-to source for financial planning tips.



I have really enjoyed working with Nicole at Supernova Sites. She listens to what the customer wants, is quick with getting back to you. and is professional. I highly recommend working with Nicole and look forward to collaborating on more projects with her in the future.


Francesca Rea, CFP®

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