Top 8 Brand Photographers in Toronto

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How you present your business dramatically impacts customers – current and potential. From a gorgeous storefront to an aesthetically pleasing website or social media presence, visuals matter.

Brand photography makes it possible to create the outstanding images your business needs to establish its identity online and in the real world. 

Brand photography can showcase everything from your services and products to your workspace and manufacturing process. Essentially, it captures everything that makes your company unique while making your business look its best. 

Whether your brand is edgy, playful, authoritative, or something in between, it is crucial to ensure your photography clearly communicated the identity of your brand. 

We’re lucky to live in Toronto – an artistic and cultural hub of Canada and to have access to so many talented photographers.

Corporate, Product or Personal Brand Photography: What’s the Difference?

What makes brand photography different from other types of photography you may use for your business? This question is often confusing because brand photography includes many of the same subjects used in other forms of photography – products, team members, and such. 

However, there are some key differences. For example, corporate photography typically focuses on creating those official-looking headshots you see on LinkedIn and company websites. Brand photography can still feature those working for a business, but it usually showcases its subjects in a much more personal and candid way.

When thinking about product photography, most of us think about the pictures of products on the sales page of a website. However, branding photography features products in a nature that is more cohesive to a brand’s aesthetic and personality.

Where Can You Use Brand Photography?

Brand photographs are an incredible marketing tool best used when communicating directly with customers, followers, investors, and more! The possibilities for incorporating brand photography in your marketing and advertising strategies are endless.

Brand photography can be used to keep your social media feed fresh, add content to your new website, and in many other ways, such as: 

  • Social media posts
  • Website pages like homepage, about and team pages
  • PowerPoint presentations like on the Team or Speaker slide
  • Webinar materials
  • Instagram profile pic
  • YouTube thumbnails
  • Podcast profile pic
  • LinkedIn profile pic
  • And much more!

Toronto’s Top 8 Brand Photographers

You need to find a brand photographer who understands your vision, aligns with your values, and creates stunning visuals that propel your long-term growth.

We scoured the web, customer reviews, and websites to find our top eight picks. Find our top 8 below organized alphabetically including their website, instagram, areas served, pricing and more.

1. Bruna Rico



Areas Served: Toronto

Pricing: Session fees cost $250 plus HST, while photograph collections are sold separately and begin at $875 plus HST. 

Why We Like Them: Aside from taking the time to truly understand the needs of her clients, we love how authentic Bruna’s photos feel – she truly captures the intention of her clients.

2. Dom Productions



Areas Served: Dom Productions services across the Greater Toronto Area from Toronto, Kitchener to Markham and Vaughan.

While Dom Productions will still serve those in areas aside from the cities listed, clients may be subjected to an additional travel fee.

Pricing: Dom Production’s Quick Photoshoot Package starts at $950 plus HST and includes up to 20 edited photos. They also offer exclusive pricing for solopreneurs, registered charities, and BITS alumni – just be sure to mention it during your discovery call.

Why We Like Them: As soon as you check out Dom Productions’ website, you immediately feel the warmth of their team. They’ve perfectly captured the essence of their business, proving they can do the same for yours! Their work is the ideal combination of professional branding and a natural approach to photography.

3. Gina Ayanna



Areas Served: Durham Region and Toronto

Price: Price available upon contact

Why We Like Them: All you need to do is look at Gina Ayanna’s photographs, and you can see how well she captures her clients while meeting their requirements. We also love that she includes retouching in her photography packages at no extra cost.

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4. Julia Bewcyk



Areas Served: Bewcyk is based in Toronto but willing to travel!

Price: Prices vary, but packages start at $600 plus HST.

Why We Like Them: Beycyk’s incredibly collaborative process ensures her clients are satisfied knowing their brand photography perfectly captures the spirit of their business. Plus, she specializes in interior design and food and beverage photography. 

5. Margot Daley



Areas Served: Toronto 

Price: Prices start at $999 for the intro package with a 60-minute session, while her premium package costs $1,999 and includes a three-hour session.

Why We Like Them: Margot Daley focuses on entrepreneurs and personal brand photography, resulting in unique and captivating photographs. We also love that she takes a sufficient amount of time to get to know you and your brand, ensuring you’re completely comfortable for your shoot and satisfied with the results! 


6. Pure Studios



Areas Served: Toronto 

Price: Price available upon contact

Why We Like Them: While Pure Studios does an outstanding job of capturing the essence of all their subjects, we especially love how beautifully they capture female business leaders – stunning and powerful! 

7. Robert McGee



Areas Served: Studio located in Toronto

Price: Personal branding sessions start at $750 and include a 2.5-hour shoot.

Why We Like Them: Robert McGee offers some spectacular add-on services, including makeup, hairstyling, and photo retouching. We also can’t get over his stunning black-and-white photography.

100 Adjectives To Describe Your Brand

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8. Stacey Naglie



Areas Served: Stacey Naglie serves across the Greater Toronto Area from Ajax, Etobicoke, to Markham and Pickering. 

Price: Price available upon contact

Why We Like Them: Stacey captures striking yet natural photos and videos. We appreciate her level of commitment to understanding the unique essence of your brand and delivering photos that effectively communicate with potential customers and followers.

Adding an Extra Touch

If you need a little extra something to help you stand out from the competition (and who doesn’t these days?) brand photography may be the perfect solution. Branding photography helps you make a lasting mark while creating a cohesive brand that speaks to your audience and values.

In addition, with our graphic design and photoshop skills, we can take your photographs to the next level by offering background removal or extension, fine-tuning colours to match your clothing and accessories, and adjusting the temperature for a warm or cool to match your vibe.

These enhancements contribute to a cohesive brand identity that leaves a lasting impression.

And to ensure all your brand materials stay organized and in harmony, consider integrating your brand photography into a comprehensive brand guidelines PDF.

This step will streamline your visual assets, making it easier than ever to maintain a strong, unified brand presence. Your brand deserves nothing less than the best; we’re here to help you achieve it!


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