Top 7 Slack Communities for Women Entrepreneurs

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Slack is a great app for communicating. It includes private chat and group messaging. Typically, the app has been used for internal communication for start-ups and recently, larger enterprises.

However, Slack is also an excellent tool to join online communities and expand your networking circle. You can learn more about Slack here.

If you are a solopreneur, then you probably have experienced how isolating working alone can be. But for women starting out their own business, who are statistically fewer than men, and statistically more likely to close their company than their male counterpart Рit can be even harder.

Having connections to other entrepreneurs can be pivotal to your success. Other entrepreneurs can celebrate your successes, help you get through a challenging week, send you referrals or teach you new business and mindset skills.

If you’re looking for more freelance opportunities, client referrals, virtual or in-person events, and networking opportunities with other women entrepreneurs, then joining these 7 Slack communities is A MUST!

1. Women Who Freelance

About: Women Who Freelance started out as a very popular Toronto Facebook group where people could post about open freelance jobs and get advice on freelancing. Currently, they also host events and have an exclusive freelancer directory to help freelancers get found.

On the Slack channel, you’ll find people posting about job opportunities, upcoming workshops, asking questions and receiving help on business challenges they are facing.

Number of Slack Members: 456

Price to Join Slack Community: Free

Examples of Channels:

  • #accounting-and-taxes
  • #events
  • #collabs-and-service-swaps
  • #freelance-gigs
  • #introductions
  • #promotions
  • #rates
  • #resources


How to Join: Join here.

Or, join their newsletter on their website here to find an invite.

2. Products By Women

About: Products By Women is an organization that focuses on making technology education more accessible to women and aims to reduce gender inequalities. They offer mentorship, events, articles, a podcast and other resources for women.

On Slack, they have people from all over the world. Most of the topics revolve around product marketing, software or app development, tech, and job opportunities.

Number of Slack Members: 2,127

Price to Join Slack Community: Free

Examples of Channels:

  • #general
  • #workshops_Events_conferences
  • #intros_Linkedin_instagram_twitter-Tiktok
  • #articles_podcasts_videos
  • #ask_for_help
  • #Austin
  • #california
  • #book-club
  • #interview-prep
  • #salary-investing-saving-negotiations


How to Join: Join here.


About: FLIK is a membership platform that connects women entrepreneurs with other female students who are seeking mentorship. Students gain short-term apprenticeships with founders.

The Slack platform is an opportunity for connection, mentorship, and support for both founders and students.

They even offer a daily huddle for 15min with the FLIK team everyday.

Number of Slack Members:  98

Price to Join Slack Community: Slack is included in their founders monthly membership at $19.99 per month.

It is FREE for Students.

Examples of Channels:








How to Join: Click here.

4. Women Squared Community

About: The group started is a means to a safe space that women can go to have difficult conversations about the challenges they are facing and to help women not feel alone. They provide events, workshops and more.

Number of Slack Members: 81

Price to Join Slack Community: Free

Examples of Channels:

  • #inspirations

  • #introductions

  • #job-opportunities

  • #resources

  • #events

  • #announcements

  • #virtual-coffee-chat

How to Join: Request to join through filling out their form here.

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5. Make Lemonade

About: Make Lemonade (ML) is an accountability community for entrepreneurs. Originally, ML was a co-working office in Toronto for women entrepreneurs, but during the pandemic, they transitioned to the Get Sh*t Done Club. The club is a virtual networking group where members meet, chat, work together and hold each other accountable over Zoom 3 days a week.

On Slack, their members post about help they need, business achievements, recommendations and referrals.

Number of Slack Members: 92

Price to Join Slack Community: Slack is part of their Get Sh*t Done Club at $97 per month.

Examples of Channels:

  • #intro
  • #crushingit
  • #designercrew
  • #ecomm
  • #urlmeetsirl
  • #chitchat


How to Join: Join here.

6. Craftic

About: Craftic is a craft tutorial company that guides new and seasoned crafters on how to make awesome things with craft supplies. 

They use Discord instead of Slack to communicate. Discord is essentially the same as Slack. To learn more about Discord and download the app, go here.

The Craftic Discord group is all sorts of fun where knitters, painters and artists (majority women) from all over the world share their works in progress, upcoming events, online classes, attend informal meetups, and receive feedback on their craft work. 

Number of Discord Members: 67

Price to Join Discord Community: Free

Examples of Channels:

  • #works-in-progress

  • #general-chat

  • #accountability

  • #self-promo

  • #recommendations

  • #events

  • #pets

  • #instagram-handles

  • #blog-links

  • #coworking-chat-archive

How to Join: Join here.

Or, you can receive a personal invite from Craftic. Email

7. Create & Cultivate

About: Create & Cultivate is a resource to provide tips, help and networking opportunities for the modern working women; both employees and entrepreneurs. They are primarily based in USA and host an annual conference. This past year’s was in LA.

On Slack, members share hiring and job opportunities, upcoming events, courses, webinars and topics around health, design, and wellness.

Number of Slack Members: 943

Price to Join Slack Community: Slack is part of their Digital Membership at $95 annually.

Examples of Channels:

  • #mentorship
  • #job-help
  • #networking-design
  • #now-hiring
  • #cc-events
  • #networking-finance
  • #whatwearereading
  • #networking-health-wellness
  • #downloads


How to Join: Click here.

We know these Slack communities will come in handy for you or someone you know. 

My name is Nicole and at Supernova Sites, I have helped dozens of entrepreneurs in health and wellness achieve their business goals through strategic branding and web design.

To enquire about a project, contact me at

I look forward to seeing you on Slack!

8. Monday Girl

About: Monday Girl is a social club membership that gives women entrepreneurs the tools and connections to upgrade their career.

[BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF SLACK] On Slack, members share_____.

Number of Slack Members: ?

Price to Join Slack Community: Slack is part of their Social Club Membership at $16.50 a month.

Examples of Channels:

  • #
  • #
  • #
  • #
  • #
  • #


How to Join: Click here.


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