Social Media Sprints Event Recap

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About social media sprints

On April 20, Nicole and I co-hosted the very first Social Savvy Tuesday session via Zoom. A one-hour online event where networking meets productivity and accountability.This has been the only time where I’m connecting with people from different cities and at the same time I’m working, I’m being productive and crossing things off of my list. As many people today, I work a ton on social media, either for my own business, for Supernova or for other people – if you do the same you know how much time it takes and how sometimes you have to set aside a big part of your day to work on it.


How the event works

Social Savvy Tuesdays came right on time, as I am getting more and more social media projects to work on. This is an hour where I get to work on all of them, learn a hack or two, and also connect with people who do the same.

The one-hour session is split into four segments; introduction, working time, breaks, and tips & tricks.

The introductions and the breaks is where you get to learn who everyone is, what they do, and what they’ll be working on. The working time is divided into two 20-minute segments with a 5-minute break in between.

What I like the most about setting a 20-minute timer is that I feel the responsibility to finish a task before the time is up, so after the break I can focus on something new – and by the end of the session I would be done with two big things I was working on.

Finally, the tips & tricks segment is where Nicole and I get to share a thing or two we both use for social media – from apps and websites, to engagement and business growth – we focus on sharing something valuable for everyone.

Social media tricks and tips

During the first session, Nicole talked about Creative Market, a website where you can find photo bundles at really good prices to use across your social media platforms. They have a wide variety, so finding the right content for your brand is fast and simple! If you joined us last time, hope to see you again on Tuesdays- if you didn’t hope you can join us and become part of our group! .


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