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Revhard Motors Inc.


Revhard Motors was using a standard WordPress theme that was generic to the car dealership industry. They knew it was time for a new website redesign. Their new design focused on developing a brand that was sportsy, modern and old-school to cater to JDM car hobbyists. The website has an improved inventory display, more website interaction and lead generation opportunities, a clearer navigation and call-to-action buttons.

In addition, they wanted a custom built dashboard to improve their sales. The dashboard includes reporting, vehicle requests, customer chat, vehicle request forms, vehicle tracking, ticket requests, adding and editing new users and more. This gave them the tools to help improve their sales and streamline their processes.

Please note, this project was in collaboration with By Dakotah for development. 



I work with Nicole as a freelance partner and as a customer. She has excelled at both. She created my new personal brand for By Dakotah, and it checked off every box. She handled every request amazingly, and I could not be more happy with the end result. As a freelancer, I have also seen her working directly with a few of my clients. She has excelled in every aspect and has created some amazing results! Highly recommend Nicole and Supernova Sites.


Dakotah Intriglia

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