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MD Agility


MD Agility’s branding felt generic and their website was outdated, overflowing with text, without graphics or UX design.

Their target audience is busy doctors who run their own practice. So therefore, our goal was to create a brand that doctors could feel at ease with, that among their day-to-day chaos, they knew they could depend on MD Agility for all their administrative needs.

The colours – blue and gold were carefully selected to represent professionalism, trust, calmness, elegance and a high-end brand. We stuck with blue as the primary colour as we felt it was a good choice for the medical field but tweaked it to create a deeper and richer blue.

The font face is called Bogue which is an elegant yet modern and friendly serif font.

The logo depicts a person reaching above with supportive arms as well as a lotus flower to embody tranquility and human support. The logo is simplified enough to be used in various means including stationary,  watermark, and within patterns. 

Their full brand identity project was complete with a logo refresh, website and social media posts.


Had the best experience with Nicole, she was professional and executed our vision perfectly. We are very pleased with how our website turned out and have received many compliments. Highly recommend using Nicole’s services and thank you so much A+++.


Nitza Shamiss

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