7 Tips To Optimize Your Website for Black Friday

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The number of people choosing to shop online versus in-person continues to increase. The Black Friday event gets bigger and bigger each year. When people reach your website this Black Friday, you want to optimize your site so that it’s ready to receive and drive more sales – not lose people.

These 7 tips will definitely help your website drive more sales this year!

1. Black Friday Landing Page

Select 2-3 products or services you want to go on sale. This page will act as a funnel from your social media, google ads, facebook ads or newsletter emails.

The benefit of having a landing page is that it acts as a focal point so people do not get distracted by the rest of your website. The landing page includes only one call-to-action: purchase our Black Friday products for sale.

2. Check Your Website’s Speed

In general, people won’t wait longer than 3 seconds on any web page. Longer than that and you risk losing a sale. You can check your webpage speed at https://pagespeed.web.dev/

If you want to increase the speed of your website, there are a number of different ways. You can:

  • Optimize and compress your images (~200kb per image).
  • Remove unnecessary website features you no longer use.
  • Increase your website’s bandwidth with your host.
  • Or rebuild the site for speed layout optimization.

3. Check Your Mobile and Tablet Views

Check your site for mobile and tablet views. To view your site in these modes, follow these steps:

  1. ‘Right Click’ on your browser window
  2. Click ‘Inspect’
  3. Select the mobile icon that says ‘Toggle Device Toolbar’. Your window will now switch to mobile or tablet view.


Are images or text cutoff? Any sections missing? Not able to scroll on certain sections? Since most people purchase on mobile, any of these issues could effect your sales.

4. Add A FAQ, Refund or Returns Pages

If you’re selling products or services on your website, having pages for Frequently Asked Questions, Shipping, Refund or Returns Policy will be extremely important.

Oftentimes, customers will view these pages before making the final decision. If shipping, returns, or any of their lingering questions are left unanswered or becomes unclear to the customer, they will not purchase; no matter how much they want your product or service.

By providing this information you show transparency and build trust.

5. Add Trust Badges

Trust badges are icons or images of brands that represent trust and credibility. They can include credit card logos, Paypal, Stripe, Google partner, Shopify partner, or BBB as example.

These badges create trust for consumers by indicating your website is verified, credible, and can accept multiple payments.

Some great places for your trust badges are:

  • At the top of your homepage
  • In your footer
  • On your product pages
  • On your checkout page

6. Update Homepage for Black Friday

Get your black colour palette out. You can update your homepage by:

  • Moving your Black Friday products to the top of the page,
  • Adding a pop-up;
  • Adding a Black Friday sales notification banner; or
  • even a last minute pop-up that gets triggered if they exit. 

7. Improve your Checkout Page

The checkout page is the last step before the customer makes the final purchase. You want to make sure this step is easy, simple and flawless or the customer will abandon the page.

Some options to improve your checkout page can include adding:

  • A progress bar;
  • Afterpay to offer  monthly payments;
  • Google Autofill;
  • Offer Guest Checkout;
  • Avoid asking for unnecessary information;
  • Avoid any last-minute surprise fees

Whatever you’re selling this year, make sure to have fun, get lots of rest in preparation and from all of us at Supernova, good luck!

If you need help with any of the above website edits, and want to maximize your website sales, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@supernovasites.com


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