The Barbie Logo in 2023 – Can You Use It?

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With so much buzz surrounding Barbie in 2023, thanks to the new film’s premiere, you may wondering many questions about the logo like:

  • Why is the Barbie Logo pink?
  • Can you use the Barbie logo? 
  • Where to Buy The Barbie Logo?
  • Is the Barbie Logo Copyrighted or Trademarked?

Much like Barbie, the film is dripping with the color pink – which also happens to be the color of the famous logo. 

The brand originally chose this color to appeal to young girls, Mattel’s primary target audience for Barbie. The logo’s initial design resembled a child’s handwriting to convey a sense of fun. 

However, the brand consistently changes the logo’s typeface to remain modern and significant. 

For example, the logo’s typeface has changed many times to accurately represent feminine values and identity. Even the logo’s color has changed from dark pink to pink with a white outline and various other shades. 

Created by Elliot and Ruth Handler, the logo became just as iconic as Barbie. The Barbie logo is a custom-designed font protected by trademark laws. So, it’s not available for public use. 

Similar Barbie Logo Fonts

While the Barbie font, owned by Mattel, was supposedly hand-drawn, you can still find similar fonts for your projects. Below, we review three Barbie logo fonts including one free version.

The fonts include:

  1. Absolute Blonde
  2. Dollie Script
  3. Lobster Two

Remember, only the exact font used by Mattel is copyrighted, so anything that differs, even the slightest, is likely not protected under the company’s trademark.


#1 Absolute Blonde

The Absolute Blonde font is a unique typeface that captures attention effortlessly and mimics the look of the vintage Barbie logo from 1975 – also used for the new Barbie film.

Developed in 2017 by the GGShop on Creative Market, you can use this font in Photoshop to create all of your wildest Barbie projects.  

Absolute Blonde Font Quick Facts

Where to Buy: Creative Market 

License Type: Desktop License – unlimited use for commercial and personal projects

Who Made It: The GG Shop

 Price: $12.00


#2 Dollie Script

Dollie Script is another Barbie-like font designed by Måns Grebäck. Many of the other fonts created by this designer are used for company and product logos – making him an excellent source for a font that resembles the Barbie logo. The Dollie Script font pulls inspiration from the original logo created in 1952 – the same font used today!

 Dollie Script Font Quick Facts

Where to Buy:

License Type: Unlimited public use

Who Designed It: Måns Grebäck.

Price: Around $75.00



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#3 Lobster Two

Impallari Type, an Argentinian design company, created the Lobster Two font. Of the three fonts listed here, it least resembles the Barbie logo font but still bears a strong likeness to it. It’s a clean, easy-to-read font that looks neat and natural handwriting. Best of all, it’s completely FREE.

 Lobster Two Font Quick Facts

Where to Buy: Google Fonts

License Type: Open Font license

Who Made it: Pablo Impallari

Price: Free download

Frequently Asked Questions About The Barbie Logo


Where To Buy Barbie Logo?

Because the Barbie Logo is not in the public domain, any use of the official logo would require permission from Mattel, such as a licensing agreement. This means you can’t use the official Barbie logo without paying to rent the rights from Mattel.

Is Barbie Logo Copyrighted or Trademarked?

Mattel, the toy company that owns the rights and trademarks to Barbie and all of the doll’s elements, trademarked the logo in 1965.

Can I Use the Barbie Logo?

Whether it’s the Barbie Logo with the head, the Barbie Logo with flowers, or any combination of an illustration and the official logo, you can’t use the official Barbie font. To protect Barbie’s image and likeness, Mattel legally protected the use of its logo through copyrights and trademarks.

However, the famous logo is perfect for all your Barbie-related projects – stickers, shirts, and tote bags. The possibilities are endless, and what better to celebrate the new Barbie movie than with head-to-toe Barbie gear?

Fortunately, you have many options when finding a font that closely resembles the Barbie logo. Our best advice is to ensure you pay for any Barbie-like logos or fonts. This due diligence ensures you can freely use a font resembling the Barbie logo for all your creative needs.


While you can’t use the official Barbie font, many other options exist for personal and commercial projects. These three fonts stand out as most comparable to the original. Check out the provided sites to purchase and use these fonts legally.

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